Invited Talk

December 15, 2015

"Smart City & Data Analytics"

Speaker: Rama Govindaraju

Google, M.V. California, USA



Rama Govindaraju Worked for 12.5 years at IBM’s Supercomputer Lab in Poughkeepsie, NY followed by 8.5 years at Google’s Platforms Engineering group at Mountain View, CA. Consistent track record of delivering on large development projects in the last 12 years. I saw my roles and responsibilities grow significantly every year during my 12+ years at IBM. In 10 years I rose from the rank of a Staff Engineer in 1995 when I joined IBM  to Distinguished Engineer in 2005. Played a significant lead technical role in helping develop and successfully deliver some of the largest supercomputers such as ASC Purple (100TF system, 3rd on the top500 list). Led the Software effort for IBM for the DARPA initiated Peta-scale systems project for HPCS (High Productivity Computer Systems). A 5 year $244M initiative by DARPA. IBM won this competitive contract. Recipient of several Outstanding Technical Achievement Awards at IBM (1995 - June 2007). 20 US patents granted and over 20 patents currently filed state at the US patent office. Many of the granted patents have resulted in significant licensing revenue for IBM.

He Published many papers in IEEE and ACM sponsored conferences and journals. Authored over a dozen internal large architecture and design documents. Averaged over 30 customer briefings each year for the last several years at IBM (from 2000 - June 2007). Ability to define the vision, architecture, system design, and lead teams in building and deploying challenging computing systems. Ability to distill complex problems into clear technical issues that can then be addressed.

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