Invited Talk

December 14, 2015

"HPC for simulations in the human circulatory system with respect to heart valve diseases and clinical applications"

Speaker: Prof. K. B. Chandran

Professor, University of IOWA, USA


High performance computing capabilities has enabled the development of complex simulations of the functions of human organs to improve our understanding of the normal physiology, etiology and growth of diseases, and in the planning of treatment and surgical interventions. The four heart valves in the human heart provide a vital function in ensuring unidirectional blood flow with minimal resistance. Diseases such as stenosis and incompetence result in the malfunctioning of the valves. Treatment for patients with diseased valves include repair of the native valves to restore its function or replacement with artificial valves. Computational simulations are increasingly being used to assess the extent of the disease and the effectiveness of the valve repair techniques. Simulations involve several steps: three-dimensional reconstruction of the complex geometry of the valves from imaging data employing image processing algorithms; development of highly efficient computational algorithms for the valve tissues, blood flow dynamics across the valve leaflets and the constant interaction between the solid structures and the fluid. The application of such simulations to analyze the mechanical alterations with congenital bicuspid aortic valves and the complex mitral valve dynamics will be presented.


Chandran has supervised 19 doctoral and 19 masters degree students in his career at the University of Iowa. He has published three books including a textbook on Cardiovascular Biomechanics, 135 archival papers in leading journals in the area of the fluid mechanics in the arteries, and heart valve dynamics. He is internationally recognized for his research work in the area of cardiovascular fluid dynamics. He has presented the research results from his laboratory at national and international conferences (including keynote talks) and also invited presentations at universities in the US and internationally. He has served in the proposal review committees of funding agencies such as National Institutes of Health, as manuscript reviewers for leading medical and biomedical engineering journals, and as external reviewer for doctoral thesis in India, Australia, and Europe.

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